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User Comments:
1. | Aug 5, 2014
bPHWvX Thanks again for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.
2. | Jun 28, 2014
last date for old CCNP exams is July31,2010.So you can complete your BSCI beorfe july31 and then take new Tshoot exam to complete your CCNP.Or you can wait for the new Route and Tshoot exams...
3. | Apr 21, 2014
i passed BSCI last week, 26/3/2010there are 2 new drag and drop qsontieus, it asked about OSFP and BGP process or sequence, how to implement it, and these qsontieus can't find in any testinside or p4s, testking.Moreover, there are additional simulation, it asked about eigrp and ospf, but it weird, a lot command not supported when i used console so i just leave it empty, but luckily, i still manage to passed with is advisable to read more on testinside v7.15, or the january actual testgood luck!!!
4. | Dec 14, 2013
Why would i ignore anydoby.Actually i’m busy with many types of workloadBTW, what is your requirement ?.. please find last p4s, testinside and testking. Many ppl failed icdn2 exam cause the dumps present here in this moment are useless and this dude's at is not enough. I think it's cover 50% maximum of the exam.
5. | Dec 13, 2013
Well..according to Mr. dude, the icnd2 Actualtests and Testking are not updated, even if they ceganhd their date of update. That means they are trying to fool the buyers, which the dump companies often do to increase their sales.P4S is also not updated for icnd2 exam. You can check their website. I think they’ve gone to sleep mode after july31st.The only one dump left is testinside and i don’t think they are updated too. In fact all dump makers are pretty much dead nowadays. They all are copying each other...And so? What's your plain, CareerCert?
6. | Dec 12, 2013
The banks balance sheet nedeed fixing. The Feb initiated QE2 which gave the primary banks money. The banks used this money to speculate in the futures market. When QE 2 ended because of the debt ceiling limit the banks sold up early and made huge profits. This should not come as a surprise Ben Bernanke has said may times the increase in inflation will be transitory'. Since inflation was caused by high commodity prices then high commodity prices must be transitory too.
7. | May 29, 2013
why do you care what i think? i stated my onpoiin after i listened just like you'd state your onpoiin if you like the song. and im here cause the song was suggested to me, and next time you ask a question make sure it makes sense using proper english. worry bout your english rather than a comment i post
8. | Dec 5, 2012
vTMT46 nyjesxezrckt
9. | Dec 1, 2012
It is my impromptu nonesnse comments to your interesting post, never thought it is poetic.Maybe my bad Chinese tasting makes you feel funny. It is sad to see bad things happened as described in the article in which the author happens to be a great economist and he has the guts to expose the ugly side of Chinese. Google the comment and see whether it is mine.